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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS MS. Post doctoral fellowship in Sports Medicine. General surgeon and sports medicine specialist
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I have had Diarrhoea for five days I am up at least every

Customer Question

I have had Diarrhoea for five days I am up at least every hour going to the toilet and I have an accident on the way making a real mess.
JA: Have you used any medication for the diarrhoea?
Customer: none at all I was admitted to hospital by ambulance on Thursday suspect of food poisoning through check over
JA: Got it. Have you seen a doctor about the diarrhoea?
Customer: only in the hospital as I said i had a KFC which I believe to be off
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: I have Parkinson with dementia
Submitted: 15 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Arun Phophalia replied 15 days ago.

I am sorry for your significant symptoms.

Your symptoms are suggestive of intestinal infection. You may need a course of antibiotics like Flagyl/Metrogyl, so you may consider going to ER or urgent care. The initial management is as following;

1) Pepto Bismol

2) Lomotil; may only be given if the diarrhea is vigorous.

3) Gatorade / Pedialyte

4) Plenty of fluids

5) BRAT diet; banana, rice, applesauce, toast. Vegetable broths/vegetable soups, coconut water also can help.

6) Probiotics

7) A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water twice a day.

Dietary measures would help you in regulating the bowels. Vegetables and fruits will help. Probiotics and probiotic yogurt are recommended. You may drink diluted fruit juice, Pedialyte, or Gatorade.

Eating foods that are higher in soluble fiber (introducing slowly dried beans, oats, oat bran, rice bran, barley, citrus fruits, apples, strawberries, peas, and potatoes) may aid in making stool firmer. A bland 'BRAT' diet including bananas, toast, oatmeal, white rice, applesauce, and soup/broth may improve symptoms.

Probiotic supplementation has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of bowel issues.

The primary aim is the prevention of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. If the diarrhea loss of fluids is too much or you are unable to drink enough liquids; you may need antibiotics and/or intravenous fluids. In that case, you may need to go to the ER.

I wish your symptoms resolve soon.

I would be happy to assist you further if you need any more information.
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