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I’m a runner and I have had a chest issue for a few weeks

Customer Question

I’m a runner and I have had a chest issue for a few weeks now. I’ve found it so hard to describe to my own GP that they can’t work out what it is so I’m hoping to find help on here. It’s really impacting on my training so I’m keen to find a diagnosis:- Ticklish/scratchy feeling in mid chest area
- Chest feels prickly inside especially when breathing in/out
- No muscular pain or sharp pain
- No fever, cough, phlegm
- Doesn’t change sitting, standing or laid down
- No audible wheeze but feels like EIB (which I get in cold winter months but it never persists after a Run like this)
- COVID test negative
Submitted: 21 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 21 days ago.
Hi. I’m Dr. Mark and will try to help you. I’m a board certified physician. Sorry you have this problem. I need some additional information. Your age? Do you wheeze or get shortness of breath?
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Hi thank you very much. I’m 42, and I’ve been running for many years now. I use my Apple Watch to track my Vo2 Max -which I’m aware isn’t a proper official reading as it isn’t done by chest monitors - but it is help making a good track of my fitness. I began to notice a sharp decline two weeks ago which was unusual as it had been steadily rising and this is what made me start to look at what’s going on inside my body.I do have less lung capacity than normal, I’m quite used to what it feels like to take a deep breath and there definitely isn’t as much now. The frustration is this is so very hard to describe that my own GP can’t work out a diagnosis, sorry for being so vague!
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 21 days ago.
VO2 max is determined in a lab. I would trust the watch. You describe lung symptoms. I’m not sure what you have but I’d do a chest X-ray and a pulmonary function test. That’s a great initial pulmonary evaluation. You should also have blood work such as CBC to check for anemia and a complete metabolic panel. I’d also do,thyroid tests.