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Dr. P. Jyoti
Dr. P. Jyoti, Consultant MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  17 yrs experience in treating OPD & Emergency patients.
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I broke my ankle 4 years ago and it has always been painful

Customer Question

Hello, I broke my ankle 4 years ago and it has always been painful since, but the last couple of weeks the pain has got so much worse and the swelling is so bad I am struggling to put a shoe on. I work night and do 10 hours in a care home, I am in so much pain even with a support bandage on and paracetamol and ibrubrofin, I have tried to ring my gp a few times but can’t get through and just wondered if you could give me some advice, thank you, ***** *****
JA: How long have you been using paracetamol? Has it helped at all?
Customer: Two weeks, not really, when I am on it the pain doesn’t go at all, when I can elevate it and the swelling goes down a little, the pain subsides but doesn’t go awat
JA: Got it. Have you seen a doctor about the break?
Customer: yes but not recently, didn’t want to bother them with Covid making them so busy, but the pain is getting so much worse now
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: i have got Trigeminal neuralgia and high blood pressure and an under active thyroid
Submitted: 19 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 19 days ago.

Hello, my name is***** thank you for your question. I am a qualified MD with 18 years’ experience and I am happy to work with you on this.

Please hold on while I type out your answer. This can take a few minutes.

Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 19 days ago.

The most likely for you is repetitive stress injury. You have to stand a lot during your job and this is aggravating the pain.

You can try some steps at home intiially:

If you are prone to repetitive stress, be aware of this and take some steps to combat this like sitting down from time to time.

Avoid lifting heavy weights, excessive exercises.

Use soft insoles in your shoe to give support and comfort to your ankles - you will get them in pharmacies and shoe stores.

OTC analgesics like Tab. Motrin/Advil twice daily when pain is severe.

Ankle brace: you can get this OTC at the pharmacy, use this when walking or standing.

Supplements: Glucosamine plus chondroitin sulfate:these supplements are availble at drug stores. Go for this. There is a large study by the govt which proves that this gives relief in severe joint pain. Use this supplement regularly.

Ankle exercises - you have to do ankle stretching exercises, look up this site for some exercises you have to do:

All these steps will help, but if the pain persists you have to show a doctor for this. A doctor can do tests to find the cause of pain and this can then lead to treatment. Follow these steps for now, but if pain persists you have to show a doctor.

I hope I’ve provided the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, your 5-star rating at this time is most welcome. If you need more help, please let me know so l can continue to assist you.
Thank you and I wish you the best of health - stay safe!
Dr. P. Jyoti