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When is easy bruising a concern? I got a few bruises on my

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When is easy bruising a concern?I got a few bruises on my legs helping my dad move house last weekend. Only little bruises, a couple cm across. I banged my ankle pretty hard but didn't get a bruise, but then yesterday knocked my elbow on the corner of a table (hard enough for it to hurt a little bit), and again a little 1cm bruise has appeared.The one on my legs I also managed to rebruise by massaging them with my thumbs pretty hard (they were almost cleared up then I dug around in them with my thumbs as I'd read massaging them helps to get rid of the last of the bruise). I think it meant to do a light massage, but like I say I dug my thumbs in there pretty deep.I don't bleed easily though, never have bleeding gums, nosebleeds, and when I cut myself shaving I'm always surprised how quickly it clots, basically instantly. I also had a fingerprick blood test, and it immediately clotted once the doctor stopped squeezing it, no more blood came out.I don't know if I've always bruised easily, I suppose I remember having bruises in the past. I'm quite thin which I've read can make you bruise more easily.

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some people bruise easily for no obvious reason

In other cases, it might be cos they were on certain meds such as steroid tablets or they might have low platelets

I dont think you have any issues but its always worth doing a blood test to check your full blood count, thyroid,and clotting.

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
Okay thanks, ***** ***** fact I clot really quickly from any cuts etc. show there's probably nothing sinister to worry about? I'm thinking I might just be someone who bruises quick.

You cannot read anything from clotting quickly as everyone has different durations, you just have to do the blood tests

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Customer: replied 18 days ago.
Okay thanks

No worries