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Dr. P. Jyoti
Dr. P. Jyoti, Consultant MD
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 13235
Experience:  17 yrs experience in treating OPD & Emergency patients.
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My lengthy message has just come through to you, Giddy head,

Customer Question

My lengthy message has just come through to you
JA: The Doctor can help. To begin, what are your symptoms? Have you used any medication for this?
Customer: Giddy head, lethargy, tired, listless, low BP
JA: Thanks for that. Have you seen a doctor about the tiredness?
Customer: Dr surgery not seeing patients in person and cannot get a telephone appt
JA: Thank you so much for your answers. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history the Doctor should know?
Customer: I have U/A Thyroid and I am diabetic but NOT eating well
Submitted: 12 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 12 days ago.

Hello, my name is***** thank you for your question. I am a qualified MD with 18 years’ experience and I am happy to work with you on this.

Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 12 days ago.

Please provide some more information so that I can provide you with a better informed answer.

What is your age and gender?

How long have you had these symptoms?

Have you shown a doctor for this?

Any tests done?

Please provide this info and I will help you further with my answer.

Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 12 days ago.

There are a number of disease conditions which can cause such fatigue or loss of energy, like diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. You need to have a thorough checkup to rule out all such conditions. Tests that you should discuss with your doctor are:

Random blood sugar

Serum cholesterol triglycerides and their fractions.

Serum Sodium and Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium

Vit. B and Vit. D levels

Thyroid hormone tests.

Test for occult blood in stool

US of the whole abdomen.

Liver function tests.

Kidney function tests

Cardiac function tests

Till then you should take the following steps:

Try to avoid stress - cut down on coffee, alcohol, smoking.

Regular hours of sleep.

Good healthy diet. Take lots of natural instead of processed foods, cut down on sugar and carbs, take a low salt diet.

Iron, Vit. C and Zinc supplements

Exercise regularly, this is the most important step. Go for 30 minute walks 5 times a week at the minimum.

These steps will help but you need to get the checkup done.

If chronic diseases are ruled out, you could be suffering from a condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterised by extreme fatigue which is aggravated by exercise, pain and weakness of some muscles, tenderness at some points, headaches, nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, loss of memory or concentration and flu like symptoms like sore throat, weakness, hypersensitivity to noxious fumes, etc.
The exact cause of this is unknown, but it is theorised that it could be a post viral illness. It is often associated with psychological conditions like depression and anxiety.

Discuss with your doctor about chronic fatigue syndrome if all tests are normal.

Hope I have been able to clarify the situation for you and helped in resolving your query.
If you need more help, please let me know so l can continue to assist you.
Thank you and I wish you the best of health - stay safe!
Dr. P. Jyoti

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Thank you I will insist that I can have contact with my own G P