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Shahid Karim
Shahid Karim, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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I have started vaping in the last few months, to try and

Customer Question

I have started vaping in the last few months, to try and finally quit smoking. I never had any health problems while smoking but since quitting and picking up vaping instead, I have developed pustular psoriasis and have regular mild kidney pain and feeling generally not myself. Could this be a symptom of nicotine withdrawal or quitting. Or have I developed these symptoms as a result of vaping?
Submitted: 10 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Shahid Karim replied 10 days ago.

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms you've been having recently. I think you've done really well to stop smoking and I'd really applaud you for that. In terms of the skin lesions it's difficult to know really. It could be possible although I've never heard of nor seen such side effects due to vaping. I'm certain it's not due to nicotine withdrawal as you're still getting that from the vaping. I'd suggest perhaps trying another juice for a month or so whilst also going to see your GP for review of your skin for alternative causes. Most likely it's auto-immune in nature and has nothing to do with the vaping at all.

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Thank you for your response, this is very helpful, I'm more concerned about the kidney pain to be honest, I have experienced this before last time I tried to quit, I went cold turkey for just over a week and it felt as though I had a severe kidney infection, I actually started smoking again that time and it went away almost immediately after that. which is really weird I think.
Expert:  Shahid Karim replied 10 days ago.

That makes sense but I still suspect it's unrelated to the smoking. I would certainly be asking your GP for a blood test for kidney function, urine test for blood and protein and potentially an ultrasound of your kidneys all of which are straightforward but very important tests. In the meantime drink plenty of fluids and try your best to stay off of the cigs if possible.