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Looking for an independent view. Had pacemaker fitted 12

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Looking for an independent view. Had pacemaker fitted 12 months ago and ha e had 2 RV lead perforations leading to OHS. They said they were going to stitch a lead in then but didn't. Now six months later am in hospital and am in need of RV lead putting back in. Worried about 3rd perforation (will be afraid to move) and there doesn't seem any option. Realise if it does perforate it will mean further ohs

Hi thanks for getting in touch, I'm really sorry to hear about what's been going on you've had it really hard. It really depends on why exactly you're having a pacemaker fitted (RV lead I mean). I'm guessing this is as an RA lead alone (assuming they're trying to dual chamber pace you) isn't sometimes enough particularly if there is conduction delay between the atrium and ventricle and so an RV lead almost always is needed. Are they doing anything differently to make sure another perforation risk is lower? (I'm sure they'll have a strategy for this, just wondering if you knew?) I hope that helps.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
u r spot on but when they opened my heart they said they would stitch RV lead in. AV paced only at mo but now they say RV Pacing needed! Cardio said can't guarantee 3rd perforation but no option but to go with it. Nothing different happening and nothing mentioned!
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank you

You're so welcome. I'm sure they'll have their expert operator do it and rightly so. I sincerely ***** ***** all goes well. Come back if you've further questions. All the very best :)

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