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Dr Josh
Dr Josh, Board Certified MD
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I have issues regarding my periods, I have periods again

Customer Question

I have issues regarding my periods
JA: Are you in any pain? How regular are your periods?
Customer: I have periods again after 12 days on 4 September n still going on. Its like a spotting
JA: Is there anything else the Doctor should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: No pain or anything
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Hi there! I’m Dr. Josh, a Board Certified Physician with 15+ years of experience in clinical practice and I would serve you with care and patience.

I'm sorry you are having this issue. I will do my best to help you.

Please note- All phone call requests are auto-generated and you may ignore these requests. Communicating through text chat is just fine with me.

Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Respected customer,

I am sorry to hear about your problem, but please do not worry. I will try my best to resolve this issue.

Before I answer your question, I would like to get some more information:

May I know your age, Please?

Are your periods generally regular?

When did you get your last period?

Thank you,

I am waiting for your reply..

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I am 38,regular periods just sometimes late
Last periods on 15 august
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Did you have unprotected sex, during the fertile period?

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Are you having any pelvic pain?

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I can't pay for
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
No pain at all
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Thanks for all these additional details.

I am currently preparing and typing my answer now, and I will post my answer here as soon as it is ready.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

If there is anything else you want to add, would you mind sharing that information? I really want to offer you the best service.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I had sex after my periods finish
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Just slightly pain in lower abdomen
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Respected Customer,

Thanks for all these additional details.

I am sorry to hear about your problem and I know how worrisome this situation can be for you but hopefully, we can resolve this.

As such this spotting is of concern and has to be further evaluated by a doctor.

Possible causes are-

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome( PCOS)
  • Hormonal problems are also a common cause of such a condition. If you suffer from an Underactive Thyroid Gland, then it may cause it.
  • Infection of the Pelvic Organs (vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries) may cause it.
  • Extreme emotional stress and excessive exercise.
  • Polyps or Uterine fibroids.

In my opinion, you would need a Pelvic examination to assess the condition of the cervix and investigations like TVS Ultrasound for further evaluation.

Blood work to check hormone levels can be done for diagnosis.

You need to have a blood hormonal levels checkup. This includes:

1. Serum Estrogen level,

2. Serum progesterone level

3. Serum FSH level

4. Serum prolactin level

Hormonal imbalance is also one of the most common causes of such symptoms and can be managed with medications.

Your doctor can prescribe hormonal pills, to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Treatments may include the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

A thorough clinical evaluation has to be done by your doctor.

You can follow the below measures-

- You can take some time to relax, get regular exercise, or even do some breathing exercises to manage your stress.

-Practice Yoga and Meditation. Try to remain away from stress. Keep yourself busy with your hobbies.

-You can top up your meals with vitamin D from fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna. Sun exposure, would also be helpful. Getting enough vitamin D may also support a healthy menstrual cycle.

-You can, make sure that your diet includes green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, red meat, fish, and foods that give you complete nutrients regularly. Soy products, legumes, flaxseed, sesame seeds, olive oil, kale, celery, and dry fruits are some of the best food sources to get estrogen.

-You can include Cinnamon in Your Diet, It helps to regulate the flow of blood and is of great help.

Please start with your primary doctor and get it managed.

Hope I have been able to clarify the situation for you and helped in resolving your query.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you want to discuss this further.

Get well soon!

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank u so much yes I am little stressful now a days. Me trying for baby for a long time so sometime I feel very stressful.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I feel thirsty too. I am daibetic
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Respected Customer,

I fully understand your concern and I feel sorry that you are facing this issue.

Yes, extreme stress/ anxiety issue is also the most common cause such imbalance with periods and may result in such spotting.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol.

Please get engaged in aerobic exercise and stress-management techniques like deep breathing and yoga.

You can laugh more or watch a comedy or read a funny book.

Try to connect with friends and family.

You can go to meditating and yoga, it would quiet your mind.

These measures would help you.

Also, get your hormone levels checked, as we discussed.

If you still have any follow-up questions, please feel free to ask. I am right here to answer you.

Thank you for the opportunity to help and I wish you all the best.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank u so much I feel very good now to talk with u. Can u help me about pregnancy issue
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

Yes, please.

As it is a new issue, So you have to open a new thread, and then ask your new question.

I hope you understand.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank u soo much
Expert:  Dr Josh replied 13 days ago.

You are very welcome! I am very glad I could help!