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I don’t want to come across as stupid or someone who abuses

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Hey there,I don’t want to come across as stupid or someone who abuses alcohol. I generally drink maybe 5 times a year. Of those 5 times a year I do get quite drunk and I do tend to smoke cigarettes.In my youth I would binge drink and smoke too but again not too frequently.I’ve been very active most of my life, bodybuilding since I was 12 years old and I was the Captain of my basketball team in high school for 2 years.Because of covid I started to get anxiety and panic attacks. I did the work and had help and I am anxiety free and panic free (mostly)I went out last week had 10 beers, I was fine went to sleep and woke up great. I did the same following night after.2 days ago after a weeks rest, I went out drinking again.This time I only had 7 beers and smoked maybe 12-20 cigarettes.I came home I was fine but had a massive burger. I then noticed my heart rate. I could feel this was panic.If I was sober I would have dismissed it and waited to calm down but I was drunk and out of my curiosity I went to the ER not panicked but just to see.
My BP was high but then came down to 70/128 which I’m told is normal.My heart rate was 110 and eventually did come down to 90 and my EKG was normal.Drs told me to relax and that I was fine.My question is that now I’ve developed some what a phobia of drinking which I don’t want. I’d like to know if I was safe?Was the ER unnecessary? I had no chest pain or shortness of breath I was just anxious. But drunk.Im 26. I had a full cardiac work up done 3 months ago and cardiologist said im doing fantastic.I’d really like the reassurance that I am doing okay and that I just overreacted and in general I can go out and be social and that am elevated HR is somewhat normal after drinking and eating.Thanks for your time. It would mean a great deal to get a reply

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A raise in heart rate can happen with alcohol, some more than others. You sound safe though and it appears it is your anxiety.

The question is if you feel it is acceptable to drink and feel like that, something only you can answer.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Thanks Dr baker. It’s not that find it acceptable, it’s just generally more moderate than my hedonistic youth.5 generally gets me drunk. 7 was unnecessary but from a safety stand point was there anything of concern?Thanks for your candour dr baker and your time.

I do not think you h e anything to worry about

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