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Dr Anil Kumar
Dr Anil Kumar, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  M.D with over 30 years of experience in practice.
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My 18 year old daughter fell going up some stairs at school

Customer Question

Hi. My 18 year old daughter fell going up some stairs at school and banged her knee a few days ago. There is no obvious swelling. She can walk ok but it hurts to walk up and down stairs. I got her a knee support and she is taking ibuprofen. Is there anything else she can be doing to help? She said it hurts mostly to the side of the knee bone.
Submitted: 8 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you. I am a board-certified consultant with over 30 years of experience.

And I would serve you with care and patience.

First I need to ask a few questions so that I can gather more information related to your health concerns; I am preparing & typing the questions now, and I will follow up with you.

Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

I am sorry to hear about your problem.

We can continue our conversation now through text in this reply forum.

Please provide more information regarding your question so I can help you in detail.

Tenderness, bruising on the affected site?

Waiting for your response.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
There is tenderness but I can’t see any bruising.
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

Respected customer

Thank you for providing the details. I can understand your concern and worry.

In the meantime, you can give more info regarding this issue.

Please allow me just a few minutes.
I’ll reply to you back soon after reviewing it.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
I am not sure what else to say just what I have said already. Sorry. Is there anything specific more you need to know?
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

Sorry for the late reply and inconvenience.

Thanks for all this additional information.

I understand your concern.

And it’s my first privilege to pay attention and provide you with explanations and suggestions to relieve your discomfort/ worry.

Well as you describe, Pain on the side of the knee can be caused by an injury and inflammation of the tendons.

And it's nothing serious and it would get healed within a few weeks.

Now, I would recommend some self-care measures and you can follow them to get some relief.

1) Knee care in the activities of daily living. Few simple self-care measures can be remarkably effective in ending the pain cycle.

a) Avoid prolonged standing or walking or sitting with joints in a single position.

b) whenever she would sit, keep the knee stretched and fold them intermittently.

c) Squatting, sitting cross-legged should not be done.

d) Avoid climbing stairs.

e) Avoid sitting legs unsupported or hanging.

f) Reduce weight if overweight/obese.

2) Rest: Taking a break from your normal activities reduces repetitive strain on your knee, gives the time to heal, and helps prevent further damage.

3) Anti-inflammatory medications; Advil / Motrin.

4) Physical therapy; the goal of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles around your knee and help you regain knee stability. The ideal is supervised physical therapy. Stretching exercises are also part of the physical therapy regime.

5) Knee brace during walking and standing.

6) Warm compresses

7) Local analgesic cream.

8) Acupuncture.

9) Analgesic patches too are available for pain relief.

She may get an MRI and a clinical examination by an Orthopedist for evaluation in case of persistent pain.

Hope I have been able to clarify the situation for you and helped in resolving your query.

Let me know if you have any further queries so we can discuss it thoroughly in every aspect.

It’s my pleasure to continue this conversation until you satisfy.

Waiting for your response.


Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Should I keep her off school for a while then? There are long periods to sitting with the legs hanging which you said to avoid plus the stairs. You also said warm compresses? Should cold packs be avoided?
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

Thanks for replying back.

I understand your concern.

She should do cool compresses for the next 3-5 days.

And later warm compresses.

She should continue wearing a knee brace.

Take 1-2 days of rest if possible for her at home.

I am happy to answer follow-up questions - please do get in touch with extra information or further queries and I will do my best to help you.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
after 5 days turn to warm compresses?
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.


Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Is a knee brace the same as a knee support? This is what she is wearing that I got from Amazon. Should she take it off during the night? There was no information leaflet with it.
Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thank you so much for your help!
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 days ago.

Yes, it's fine.

She may wear it in bed while asleep for the first few nights or until the pain starts to go away. Otherwise, she can remove the brace at night to avoid muscle stiffness from lack of joint movement.