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My 83 year old mother has been healthy her whole life but

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My 83 year old mother has been healthy her whole life but was diagnosed with mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation a couple of years ago. She has been fit and well ever since.On October 12th my father died (they were married 57 years) and on 1st November my mother had her Pfizer booster jab (following two AstraZeneca Covid vaccinations earlier in the year). I’m saying this as context for the two things that have changed externally for my mother recently.This last week to ten days she has been extremely unwell. She has had tachycardia for hours on end and when we went to the doctor she was in atrial fibrillation. She has a cough and the doctor diagnosed fluid on the lungs from heart failure and could also hear a heart murmur. She has been prescribed furosemide (125) for five days and bisopripol (3.75) daily (forever I think).Her BNP is elevated. She is exhausted and cannot walk up the stairs (she uses the stairlift my father has) and is breathless and uncomfortable even lying down. She has been nauseous and inappetant and didn’t eat for days. She is usually energetic and active and goes for a walk every day and religiously does her work cet use following a hip replacement in April. Now she can do neither.I am worried that her deterioration has been so sudden. I expect that she will have an echocardiogram in due course but, in the meantime, I would like to understand the various scenarios possible.Having just lost my father I am extremely worried that I may be about to lose my mother

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I am sorry to hear about your mother. What you are describing is heart failure that is not well controlled. Unfortunately you cannot resolve the problem, only manage this. The beta blocker is to improve function. The water tablet is to off load fluid and help her breathing

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Is it possible without additional info to offer any prognosis? Can one live like this for a long time?I know from my father that his oedema was in the ankles for years b fire rising to and above the knee and then final above the sacrum and into the lungs in the final few months. Only then did he have a coughSo I am worried that my mother already have fluid on her lungs and is coughingDoes this give for a more dire prognosis?
Customer: replied 8 days ago.

It is a difficult thing to judge to be honest. Given she was quite well before, I would be positive about this as she has a good chance of stabilising this.

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Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Oh brilliant. Thank you!

That is my pleasure, I wish her all the best