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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Dr Chip, I have always wanted to know the answer to this,

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Dr Chip, I have always wanted to know the answer to this, but unfortunately no one can even give suggestions and it's something that is always on my mind.My uncle died 6 months ago, post mortom came back as heart failure, I tried doing CPR on him, but failed.My question is, a year or more before he died. My aunty who lives 2 doors down, brought him over some food, it was morning time. She came to the door and he answered and said, come in. My aunty was my uncles sister. She went in, now she thought it was strange has he answered the door then walked quickly into the living room instead of what he normally does and that is take the food from her at the door, anyway, she walked into his house and walked into the living room and he was standing completely naked, and he said to her, "I couldn't come to the door, I have no clothes on" she told him to eat some food, (the food she brought him) then she left. Now lease understand Dr, Chip. This was not done in a dirty way, even my aunty told me that she could swear to God that he didn't do it in a rude or dirty way. She was convinced that he was having a breakdown. He was a man who never went far from the house, he always kept himself to himself and never ever had a girlfriend. He was 53 when he died,6 months ago. He never ever went to the doctors in his life, that was just the type of man he was.My question is, what would have made him do such a thing? No one noticed anything, but probably because he was never to talk about any problems he had. He lost a lot in his life, the house he lived in, once was full with other family members who sadly passed away.I'm desperate to know what would cause this but remember, the next time he sen my aunty after this he acted like nothing even happened, he acted normal like he didn't even do anything.

Hi there

Two thoughts--

He may have been having a temporal lobe seizure where the patient appears conscious and response but does something strange

Or he could have been having early dementia

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
This is knowledge I never knew Dr. Only ai know what happened as my aunty trusts me so no other soul knows about this. She told me after he died which always haunted me.Could there be two other thoughts.Mental breakdownHeart failure symptoms as no one knew he had it as he never complained nor ever went to the doctor.

Dementia and mental breakdown are basically the same

But it wouldn't be from heart failure

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I understand Dr. It's a mystery, he never showed any signs of anything, although the last year before he died, I did notice him being more quiet, for instance his sense of humor, if I called to his door he would curse at me, but in a joking way, that's who he was then I noticed he was more quiet, more gentle like if I asked him how he is then he would say, I'm alright but normally he would say that then curse to joke with me.If you could chose one Dr what would come closest to the cause? My aunty was convinced he was having a mental breakdown.I tried doing CPR on him 6 months ago and 8 years previous I tried doing CPR on my other uncle and failed, he also died in front of me. I near died from alcohol poisoning at age 22, my brother was murdered when I was age 11,he was stabbed in the heart. I called my GP last week and she diagnosed me with ptsd and depression and anxiety problems so she gave me depression tablets and sleeping tablets and after being told this, I get night terrors, it's like every night my uncle haunts me when I sleep although when he was alive, he was my best friend. But I just wish I could have an answer for this, as it haunts me. I personally thought it might be a mental break down as he never shared his problems with anyone so nobody would even know if he did have a mental breakdown, although the fact that he acted normal after this event confuses me so much. Would you say that a mental breakdown is the most probable?

I'd choose dementia

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Would this not have showed up on his post mortom results Dr? We have no history of dimentia in our family. No one ever noticed this, as he didn't forget things.

No it wouldn't have show on the postmortem

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
OK doctor, then that might be it then. Another person said it could have been a urine infection but this sounded strange to me.I know this may not have anything to do with it but his hands started to tremble a little, I noticed it around 4 years previously before he died then a year or so before his death, his right eye went strange like more sunk in and wouldn't turn with the other, I noticed this looking at his photo after he died but not physically but my aunty told me that his eye did go like this. Could this lead to anywhere Dr?

Possibly Parkinson's disease

Dr. Chip and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
OK Dr. His mum had this at the end of her life at age 77. Thank you so much Dr for helping me in understanding whi h is most likely is and that is Dimentia. Thank you Dr, God bless.

My pleasure