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I experience a lot of pain and I'm diagnosed with chronic

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I experience a lot of pain and I'm diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome.I wish for a second opinion, as the matter has been ongoing and I am unsure if there is another problem.On the right side of my body, from the base of my neck all the way down to my feet the muscles are tight and sometimes cause pain. In particular, I have an obvious point which to me appears to be the cause. I would describe this as a knot to the left lower part of my right shoulder blade.I experience clicking and popping in most of the joints on the right-hand side top to bottom.However, On the left hand side of my body, I generally do not experience any pain or tight muscles. Except on occasion the left hip can give a little pain, but appears to be linked to muscles to the right of my spine in the middle of my lower back.Some time ago, I have been to rheumatology who have determined that I do not apparently have any common diseases.I wonder, do you believe there is any other treatments, more rare conditions I should check for all the advice I can be given which may help?

This is Dr. David.

I am sorry you are having chronic pain syndrome on the right side of your neck to your feet.

Your doctor should have tried you on physical therapy and stretching and yoga exercises to see if this helps.

You may have tight muscles in your back and curvature of your spine which can cause pain.

You can try arnica cream on your back to see if this helps pain.

You should try massage therapy and accupuncture therapy which can help.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** stretch, and had physio. But I can try the three other items you suggest. Appreciated.

You are welcome.

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