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Dr. Nickols M
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In the morning I take flecaine for AF 100mg and have been

Customer Question

Hello, in the morning I take flecaine for AF 100mg and have been prescribed Atenolol 25mg to take in the evening. It's because occasionally I have some very rapid heart beat in the morning, no dizziness or breathlessness. I have had 5 mild AF episodes in the last 6 months. I also have a 'not serioius' aneurysm in the bottom chambers, no break through and looking at the screen the wall bulges into the left chamber, if that makes sense. I'm just interested why I have been prescribed atenolol. Thanks for your help
JA: How long have you been using Atenolol? Has it helped at all?
Customer: Actually not taken it yet as I wanted to know about the reason for taking it and if if has any contra effects with flecaine
JA: Got it. Have you seen a doctor about the aneurysm?
Customer: Yes seen a cardiologist, and seen it on the screen. He said it was age related perhaps, there is no breakthrough.
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in your medical history you think the Doctor should know?
Customer: family history of AF in many varying degrees, from ablations to death. 1 Auntie 70 yo and a male cousin 54(unhealthy life style). All on my mothers, two of her sister and one brother with af. In the tests it seems I have everything normal, not swelling, no valve problem, I have never had high blood pressure, i dont smoke. I gave up drinking as that seemed to be a trigger for an af attack.
Submitted: 15 days ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Nickols M replied 15 days ago.
Hello,i am Dr Nickols m, it is a pleasure to attent to you
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Expert:  Dr. Nickols M replied 15 days ago.

How old are you?

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Expert:  Dr. Nickols M replied 15 days ago.

Please give me a moment

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
no problem
Expert:  Dr. Nickols M replied 15 days ago.

Dear Customer, it is a pleasure to be able to assist you today; I want to tell you that I am very sorry for the health situation that you are experiencing not only as a patient but also for the whole family with the cardiovascular history that you tell me in response to your original consultation. I want to say to you that atenolol is a potent antiarrhythmic that enhances the effect of Flecainide which not only improves the symptoms of palpitations or cardiac arrhythmia but also reduces the possibility of triggering clots that can migrate to different parts of the body, such as the brain or lung producing major arterial blockages, You have nothing to worry about, it is a highly safe medication, you can start it satisfactorily since it has high compatibility with flecainide, in the same way, I would like you to keep me informed about your health situation, I will be happy to assist you and guide you in everything I can.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Hello thank you for your reply. I will srart taking the pills!! Can I ask one thing, why did he not just up my dose of flecaine? As I know you can go to 300mg.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Hello I've taken the pill at 11.30pm. I monitor my heart rate at night with a Withings Scan watch. My heart rate is normally around 59-62bpm. My watch is showing at midnight 49-51bpm. Is that OK?
Expert:  Dr. Nickols M replied 15 days ago.

Yes dear, there may be some variations which include nocturnal bradycardia states during sleep, and what your doctor is looking for is to treat the cardiac arrhythmia through a different mechanism of action, for this reason he needs another type of medication that helps through another mechanism of action such as atenolol.