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My daughter suffers from anxiety which seems to be getting

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My daughter suffers from anxiety which seems to be getting worse. She has been weepy for the las5 cou0le of days and worries that she may never feel better. She has chatted with a therapist online, which has helped, but now feels she needs to speak with a psychiatrist in case medication is necessary
JA: How long has your daughter been taking this medication? Any recent changes in dosage?
Customer: She is not currently tak8ng medication
JA: Got it. How has she been sleeping? Any insomnia or other issues?
Customer: Sleeping moderately well. No insomnia that I am aware of. She has just finished her final year at Durham Uni and is keen to g9:home but difficulty findin* a quarantine hotel is adding to her frustration
JA: Thank you so much for your time. Finally, is there anything else in her medical history you think the Psychologist should know?
Customer: She was fine until she returned to Uni in September last year. She was born and raised in Hong Kong So the UK is an unfamiliar environment for her and she spent half of her course back in HING Kong due to COVID, so maybe never really got the opportunity to fully adjust. She seems to think’ this is her fault and there is ‘something wrong’ with her
Hello! I’m Dr.Customer It is a pleassure to me to atent you.
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Are you able to advise what we should do?

How old is your daughter?

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Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Are you still there?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.

Dear customer, it is a pleasure to be able to assist you today, I am very sorry for the health situation that your daughter is experiencing with everything you tell me, I understand that this may be generating an excellent level of concern and anguish in you as a mother and obviously in her as a patient by not getting a definitive solution to this situation is why I will try to guide you properly in this regard, anxiety episodes usually have specific non-pharmacological recommendations initially, what I mean is that the realization of leisure activities and increased stay in open spaces and physical exercise are often very useful in addition to that it is important to consider the possibility of improving sleep at night as a restful night's sleep is vital to reduce anxiety levels and also the sources of any degree of stress that may be negatively influencing this situation, for this reason my initial recommendation would be to start with melatonin tablets of 3 mg 1 tablet every night two hours before bedtime for a month this will help considerably to improve sleep at night making sleep is of higher quality and restful allowing you to have enough strength during the day to perform all the work commonly performed, it is also important to note that prolonged exposure to LED screens of mobile devices, cell phones and televisions is usually counterproductive for this reason it is always recommended to lower the brightness and use the blue light filter,

Since these devices emulate a light like the ultraviolet rays of the sun that affect the circadian rhythm that controls the sleep-wake cycle, improving sleep at night and making it of higher quality and more restful, lastly these over-the-counter medications which is an antihistamine, i.e., an antiallergic but has an anxiolytic extension called hydroxyzine 25 mg. She should take one tablet every 6 hours at least until she sees her primary health care physician who after assessment, might consider a referral to psychiatry if she warrants it. However, I recommend continuing with the online psychotherapist who has been helping her.

I would like you to comment to me about the evolution of your daughter in the following weeks; I understand that there is an adaptive component due to the academic situation she is experiencing; I hope this information has been helpful and has oriented you a little in this regard, I send you a big greeting and remain at your disposal.

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
My daughter says she is sleeping well, so that seems not to be an issue. As she has now left university she is no longer in the city where she was registered with a GP. She feels she should consult a psychiatrist directly in a private capacity. Are you able to advise how this might be arranged? We are trying to get her back to Hong Kong asap but quarantine regulations there are making it difficult. We feel she needs somewhat more urgent intervention for her peace o& mind and general well-being.

I understand, the recommendation in this case would be to contact the national health service or your primary health care physician in order to make the corresponding interconsultations with the psychiatrist if necessary