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Do I have herpes?

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Do I have herpes?
Hi. Dr Hayat here. Welcome to JA.

Do you mind sending another picture and a bit of a history too

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
File attached (SP6T345)
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
File attached (QG27VVQ)
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
File attached (PS13M6Q)
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
My genitals began to itch about a week ago, I kept scratching it and and then tiny bumps came up near my vaginal opening. They didn’t hurt until about 3 days ago, some bleed slightly but a very small amount
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I think they may have been weeping some kind of fluid but I’m not sure, I can hardly see them now, this photo was 2 night ago and they no longer hurt
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
They haven’t scabbed over and they itch very rarely now
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I had unprotected sex on 16th July
Have u used any medication for this? 

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I thought it was thrush so I used a tablet however it didn’t work. I’m now using cream for bacterial vaginosis as that’s what another doctor said it was but I just want to double check
Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I haven’t been tested for herpes

It looks like herpes. I would like to get it tested at the GUM clinic and start antivirals to shorten the duration of the illness. All this can be donecat the GUM clinic.  It's a walk in .

Meanwhile would suggest ceterizine 10mg twice a day for 5 days.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
I have asked 5 doctors and all have said it’s not herpes so now I’m very confused. I will get tested

Yes. Please get it tested. If it had been been very clearly herpes I wouldn't have asked for the test. But the lesions are not very typical hence the test and antivirals only after the test.

Anything else I can help with please?

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
No thank you

Best wishes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries or need to follow up. I will be happy to help and guide. Have a nice day.

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Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Hello, I started to use gel for bacterial vaginosis and the spots completely healed pretty much overnight. They did not produce any open wounds and now have completely cleared up, is this typical of herpes? I have heard they usually scan over
It's not typical of herpes to heal with medication used for bacterial vaginosis.
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Do they usually always scab over in a yellow crust?
Not necessarily.  Depends upon the site.
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
The site would be the vaginal opening

They might but in the mucosal regions they might not usually

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Okay, thanks, ***** ***** possible they can completely heal overnight? As in no trace of them the next day, no sores nor pain
That makes herpes a bit unlikely as I said above esp the response to treatment with medication used for bacterial vaginosis.  Herpes won't respond to that.
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
The local GUM clinic has said that as I don’t have open sores, I am not a priority for testing as It is really unlikely I have herpes but I would like to insist by explaining i may still have it
Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Okay thank you, ***** ***** sense