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Tori, Psychologist
Tori, Psychologist, CPsychol (Occ)
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I have some problems with my mental health. I have some

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Hello, I have some problems with my mental health. I have some health disease ( I think that is irritable bowl syndrome) which affect my mental health. Briefly, I can start my treatment only in August, and in July, I have exam so i am very stressful now because only thing what’s is matter for me is my health and I’m afraid that I will not pass the exam, I just need to know maybe I should take this exam later or I need some medications which help me with my emotional condition. Thanks

Hi, I hope I can offer some assistance. There is a link between stress and anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the associated symptoms that may be experienced in the digestive system, due to the natural and protective fight or flight response being activated.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay, thank you. I just can’t decide what should I do, maybe I need some medications which helps me get relaxed or something? Thank you

At the moment I can help by showing you a type of psychotherapy that you can try at home, and used regularly many clients can notice a significant shift in their response. The therapy is called Thought Field Therapy and it utilises the meridian system used in acupuncture, however it is stimulated by tapping on the meridian points in a certain sequence, rather than needles. It is recognised by the NHS as a complementary therapy.

To use it, it is helpful to rate your current level of discomfort or distress, or level of anxiety, or when thinking about the problem, in the "thought field", and rating in from one to ten , and then rate again after the therapy to notice the shift.

This therapy can be helpful for those who would prefer to manage their symptoms more naturally.

I can opt out of the question if you would prefer to see if it can be picked up by a GP?

Self Hypnosis has also been recognised as helpful for IBS by relaxing the mind and the body, it can ease the experience of related symptoms. There are many apps and mp3 downloads available for this, as well as for exam preparation and stress release and relaxation. You can try an app by a Joseph Clough, some tracks are provided for free, or you can pay a bit extra for about 40+ 40min tracks that when listened to regularly can slow down the mind and the body, and reframe the physical response to stress experienced.

Another you might try is, as suggestions, but there are many more available.

Do let me know if I can offer any further assistance.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much, very helpful answer!

Thank you.

Keep well and safe.

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