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I worry a lot about my health and my partner are health,

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I worry a lot about my health and my partner are health, sometimes it takes over and it's all i can think about. Every little pain I think it's something serious and that's all I can think about all day and sometimes into the next. What can I do to stop this

This type of health anxiety, as in any anxiety, is a sign that your bodies natural and protective fight or flight system is in effect turned up too high. Part of the function of the subconscious mind is to scan our surroundings and environment for threats, however, this system can, due to many factors, such as the level of threat we may be experiencing in the current pandemic situation, be doing it's job so well, or too well, so that this protective function actually becomes detrimental to us, as we experience anxiety and distress.

I have attached some more information about health anxiety here.

I hope I can offer some assistance.

An effective psychotherapy that you can try, and that I will attache here for you, is called Thought Field Therapy.

This therapy is based on the same meridian system as is used in acupuncture, but instead of using needles to stimulate the system, we simply tap on the meridian points in a certain sequence. This therapy is recognised by the NHS as a complementary therapy.

Many people notice a significant shift in their experience of stress or anxiety following the therapy, as it releases the energy and helps to relieve the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions you may be experiencing.

It is helpful to rate your level of discomfort or subjective distress before and after the therapy, to note any shift in your feelings. Used regularly it can be very beneficial. It obviously cannot change the situation you are in, but it can help you to change or manage your perception of it and the associated feelings and responses, helping you to find a calmer more peaceful way of responding.

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You can also try hypnotherapy, which can be effective at helping the deeper subconscious mind to reframe the perception of threat to a more manageable level. There are many self-hypnosis apps available, such as one by Joseph Clough which has an approx. 40min track on Health Anxiety. There are also downloadable MP3s available, such as by . Some of these are free, and some will carry a small fee.

Used regularly, this can be very helpful at helping to to feel safer and more relaxed.

Do let me know if I can offer any further assistace.

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