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Tori, Psychologist
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I am seeking help on how to proceed to better my mental

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I am seeking help on how to proceed to better my mental healthHi, I'm 18 and I'm a girl. I'm not taking any medicine and symptoms vary so I'll split them between the time they occurred.Mood symptoms-Since I was 11-ish.Periods of time when I'm really excited and optimistic about my future and my goals, I'll stay up till 3 am with whatever new hobby I've picked up ( my last 4 were art sculptures and painting , learning swedish and Japanese and latin, writing a book and a play ,and trying to become a famous musician) During this period of time I'm generally really excitable. This lasts 1-2 weeks.
. Periods of time were I'm feeling hopeless and empty, all I want to do I cry and stay in bed with my curtains drawn (however i usually manage to get out of bed even though it's really hard) i am no longer working on any projects during this time as I'm not longer hopefully of my future. Hygiene is also very hard like brushing my hair or having a bath. Overall I'm lost and empty inside. This lasts around 2 to 3 weeks.
. Periods of time where I'm neither I feel like most myself, I can pick up new hobbies without becoming obsessed and I can cry the appropriate amount for the situation. This never lasts long 2 weeks max.Other symptoms since 7 ( i don’t remember anything under seven so even though it was probably before seven i don’t know for sure.). I can’t make or keep friends very well since I don't trust people. I feel like they all hate me and are all going to talk about me so I isolate myself a lot.
.REALLY anxious at social events or gatherings, even when i’m in an extroverted mood i’ll still be nervous. Even when I know the people I'll be nervous.
.”Magical thinking/odd beliefs” a while ago i searched up what i thought was a weak or mild delusion and got this and i started crying, it matches what i’m feeling perfectly. I have these thoughts and beliefs that I know aren't real but a big part of me still believes them. Like that I have telepathy, am the queen of a galaxy or that I have Hemokinesis ext...
. I can never think something is a coincidence, it’s always intentional. For instance, I saw a wasp this morning and then again this evening and I thought it was a sign that i will soon meet my soulmate.
.People tell me that i sometimes act “weirdly” or they’ll say im “stupid” which doesn’t help my inability to keep a single friend. Sometimes i say the “wrong words” or i’ll give one-word answers because i assume they'll know what i mean, i used to get bullied because of it and nowadays i still get the odd joke about the way i speak.
. These symptoms don’t come and go; they have stayed and lived with me since I can remember while my mood stuff has been only since I was around 11.I have no past illnesses myself, though my family has a looooooong list and history of mental health issues ( i don’t know if i’m supposed to go into detail but if you ask i can) I only have one family member that i know including all my non-immediate family i know without a mental illness.I have had no tests.I have not taken any medication nor been prescribed any.(i’m really sorry that i wrote so much and for any and all inconvenience)

Hi, I hope I can offer some assistance.

Given the symptoms you have described, I would certainly consider a trip to your GP to discuss these in more detail, and whether they would be able to offer some support, particularly the possibility of medication to manage and level out your mood. There could be many contributing factors to this, includig hormones and chemical imbalances that can impact on your mood and behaviour, and it can be beneficial to have this checked out, and appropriate support offered.

There can also be different reasons for your expressed difficulty in relating to others, your anxiety with others and the difficulty in trusting others. This again could be caused by a chemical imbalance, or it could be a response to events that may have impacted on your feelings of trust or safety in others. This can be helped also. The magical thinking can be experienced in childhood and is an attempt to make sense of an often confusing world, and also to feel as though there is some control or predictability in our environment and this can lead into other disorders which are anxiety based such as OCD, which again can be helped and managed effectively with the appropriate support. Your GP would be the first step.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Oh thank you so much, in the meantime is there any way to control the odd beliefs/magical thoughts as it makes day to day life extremely difficult and I can't even tell people around me usually as either they call me "crazy", agree with me in order to cause me to panic and laugh at my reaction or the belief itself relies on others not knowing.

You can try a type of meridian energy therapy which can help with releasing the anxiety and panic feelings which might lead to this type of thinking.

Thought Field Therapy uses the same meridian system as is used in acupuncture, however it works without needles, simply by tapping on the meridian points in a certain sequence to collapse the perturbation we are experiencing. I will attach a sheet that will allow you to try this therapy at home. You simply think about the problem to bring yourself into the thought field you want to work upon, then you can rate your level of distress or discomfort (anxiety) on a scale from 1 to 10, and then do the therapy. Then rate your level after the therapy to note any shift in your experience.

Tori, Psychologist and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Thank you so much, you've been so kind and so helpful I really appreciate it.

You're very welcome. Keep well and safe.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Hi, I’m back I guess I have two things but they’re so different that I’ll split them in posts just to make it less confusing.The first is that my sister just recently (as in very recently) brought up her boyfriend of whom I knew nothing about except his name, his age, how they met and why they had to take a break( she said it was because he was in a mental hospital but since she said it was so long ago I didn’t think much of it at the time). She recently said he was there because he has cyclothymia. I didn’t know what it meant so I searched it up and it sounded eerily similar to what I’d been experiencing but I don’t know if that’s just me connecting dot’s that don’t need to be connected. So I guess my question is, is whether I should go to my Gp and tell them about the similarities or leave it?

I would not leave it. I would go to your GP as mentioned above, and describe all of your symptoms.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Oh okay, thank you so much I will.This second one I really don’t know if is a symptom it’s just a lot of people have been bringing it up and saying it’s a bit weird so I thought I’d ask.So as i said i don’t remember under seven but also since then iv’e hated contact more and more and don’t know why. It worries me for a number of reasons one being i guess im scared something happened, but im sure nothing did i have bad memory anyway.It came to a point where I’m still at now where my disgust and hatred of certain forms of contact (like hugging or someone kissing me on the forehead) that will want to cry, scream, rip my skin off or bang my head against a table. In the end, I usually just cry, scream and push the person as hard as physically possible.However, things slightly changed when I got a cat, (I got him 5 years ago) and since then i guess part of me sometimes conscious or unconscious had mimicked his behaviour.
Some examples of this are for instance part of my speech sometimes not being the best is that when im embarrassed, upset, tired and or irritated I
Meow. Typing it makes me see how stupid i sound but yeah it also happens when i’m saying “i love you” it’s not that i don’t mean to do it it just happens and it’s almost always really embarrassing. (One time it happened at school and i had to play it off that i was copying a funny video). Other things are that since i hate contact so much instead of hugging people i knead them like a cat would, obviously only if they’d be okay with it. This one admittedly is at least more conscious but it’s just because at this point i really don’t know how to show my love or affection.So i guess my question is, is this actually not normal as in a symptom or is it secretly normal and people are overreacting at the moment.

If you imagine, we are all on a continuum or spectrum of things that we find comfortable or uncomfortable. Whe these things are at low levels and are manageable we can cope well, if they are higher levels, they can be more difficult to cope with, and may highlight a different way of processing via our senses. Again, it would be worth discussing all your symptoms with your GP. They will be able to offer appropriate support. While the things you describe are not uncommon, there ma be support and further information which would help you better understand these experiences and responses, and provide better ways for you to cope, and also to recognise and set appropriate boundaries for yourself so that you do not find yourself in situations that might cause discomfort, without tools to manage and cope.

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Thank you so much, those were the last of my questions and once again I greatly appreciate your help and will be sure to recommend you to any and all people in my life who are in need of answers towards psychiatric questions. Hope you have a nice rest of your day.

Thank you.