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Elliot Ruff
Elliot Ruff, GP
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  GP at Whitstable Medical Practice
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I am very worried about my brother, he is having some

Customer Question

Hello,I am very worried about my brother, he is having some serious issues after leaving the prison he does not want to speak to anyone is really quiet and he says he cant sleep and see things. I feel like something very bad has happened to him in prison.Can you please advise me what help is available for him and how I can help him as this makes me so sad I dont want him to take his life or do something bad .Thank you
Submitted: 16 days ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 16 days ago.

Good morning, I am Dr Ruff, thank you for contacting us today

Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 16 days ago.

I am sorry to hear this, it may be that he is suffering from PTSD.

This is quite common post prison, but is indeed important to address. However your brother would need to want to seek help for any help to be given.

Options include medication to help with his sleep as better sleep will often improve mental health. This can be in short term sleeping tablets, or even anti depressants. Anti depressants may also help with the sleep and PTSD symptoms.

As per PTSD a type of counselling, eye desensitisation, can help a lot with this. You can contact any counselling service for this.

But as mentioned, I would express your concern to your brother, support them in seeking this help, but you may also need to give them time before they are ready to do this.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Hello, thank you for getting back to me. My brother did say that he needs help, however, he is changing his mind all the time, and also now he is drinking so much, like all the time washes his hands -which is strange, he is always scared saying he see things that dont exist and that someone is going to do something to him. Should we first speak to psychologic or psychiatrist? And how to behave around that behaviour not to make him feel worst?? Thank you.
Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 15 days ago.

I would suggest a Psychologist to being with as they can also diagnose this and would be easier to see one over a psychiatrist.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
okay thank you just dont know how to persude him to go
Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 15 days ago.

That is a very personal thing to your brother and you, so I do not know, just express your concerns.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
okay will have to try thank you
Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 15 days ago.

No worries, I am sorry it can't be easier. All the best.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Thank you
Expert:  Elliot Ruff replied 15 days ago.

Take care.