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Category: Mercedes
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Mercedes Benz C200 on a Y reg (2001) In the morning when you

Customer Question

Mercedes Benz C200 on a Y reg (2001) In the morning when you start car the Radiator Fan would kick in full blast. After driving for about 10 minutes it will stop. Then driving for sometime you will find out that engine will overheat due to cooling fan not coming on when it should. I have checked at fast idle(1500rpm) For 45min, checked water temp to be 90deg cent. Still no fan action. What can this be and what normally kick the fan to work when it should.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

The electric suction fan has a integrated control (M4/7) is driven from ME-SFI control module [ECU] N3/10. It is protected by fuse f5 (125A) located in Front pre-fusebox F32.

so 1st check the condition of this fuse for any signs of burning / damage if htis siOK I'd suspect that either the coolant temp sensor is faulty or the fan control module ( M4/7 unit) is faulty

if its the latter then unfortunatly you have to replace the entire fan