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MB Paul
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today my Mercedes c 180 automatic compressor 2006, made a loud

Customer Question

today my Mercedes c 180 automatic compressor 2006, made a loud chugging noise in engine, I drove it for 5 minutes, then stopped. ended up calling green flag who sent out a low loader rather than a diagnostic chap, 3 hours later, and after gear box was locked because they tried to pull it on to van (I hope they haven't damaged the gear box). it was diagnosed as the camshaft position circuit bank 1. Tomorrow they will be towing it back to dealer as I have only owned it since December. I noticed on Thursday that a little pressure was lost when pressing accelerator on a long trip home, but it managed to correct it self.
Any ideas on the cost and prognosis I am so disappointed and worried . Thanks Anne
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  MB Paul replied 4 years ago.
Hi Anne,

it is difficult to say for sure without some further investigation but there are a few possibilities from what you have told me.

if the ECU is reporting a fault with the camshaft position then it could be a sensor fault, a fault with the camshaft adjustment or the camshaft timing is incorrect due to a timing chain issue.

Costs can vary hugely depending on the exact problem and any further damage it may have done.

With the noise you are hearing I think it is unlikely to be just a sensor issue as it appears to be more a physical issue with the camshaft timing.

The first thing will be for the garage to check the camshaft timing to see if the timing chain has jumped - if so then the timing chain & tensioner will need to be replaced ass a minimum & also the timing gears inspected for wear & replaced if required. An added problem can be if the timing has jumped too far then it can cause damage to the valves which can be very expensive as the cylinder head needs to be removed to replace these.

Hopefully it wont be at this stage but there are so many different possibilities that without some further investigation it is not really possible to give you any accurate costs for repairs.

If you need anything else then please let me know

Best regards, Paul