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Hi, I have a mercedes slk on a 2000 plate. Ive only had the

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Hi, I have a mercedes slk on a 2000 plate. I've only had the car for a short time and on the last two occasions I've driven it the engine has just cut out whilst I'm driving. There is no warning before hand and all the dash lights come on and the car just stops. When you try to restart the car it doesn't even crank. There is nothing not even a click. I have to wait about five minutes then try again and the car fire ups as normal as if nothing is wrong. When it cuts out all the windows, lights even stereo all remain working. The AA attended the first time and checked all the wires, battery connections etc but found nothing. My local
Garage checked for error codes but found nothing that would relate to this issue. It's almost like an immobiliser has kicked in half way through driving. On both occasions after the engine has cut out there was a sound like a fan running in the engine that stops when you turn the iginition off. Also I was only travelling at about 20mph on both occasions as was turing in to a side road the first time and in slow moving traffic on the second time it happened. ANY IDEAS ???
Hi, my name isXXXXX car is notorious for a faulty K40 relay causing intermittent stalling and subsequent no cranking. I would not even try to diagnose this problem as it is to difficult to catch it in the act I would simply replace the K40 relay for this problem. The relay is located inside the module box next to the battery.

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