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What problems can I expect with a B200 Turbo Auto petrol at

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What problems can I expect with a B200 Turbo Auto petrol at 85000 miles reg Jan 2006? I am wondering about buying one.

these a rare car in england so some spares are difficult to get

What to watch out for

excessive vibrations through the accelerator pedal on RHD diesels.

Tipfunction on the 7-ratio CVT locks the car in the chosen ratio and many new owners unfamiliar with the transmission are not initially aware of this.


Engine very noisy, especially while accelerating: all 4-cylinder automatic diesels are going to drone to some extent, but there could be more soundproofing. There's none on the bonnet lid for example.


Idling speed irritatingly low at about 700 rpm - it doesn't stall but the whole car vibrates.

Wipers, although clap-hands, set up for LHD in that the offside one is shorter than the nearside and parks under it, leading to a wide unwiped area next to the driver's A-pillar.

If water pump retaining bolts work loose (which can happen) it's an engine out job to get at them.

First report of failure of Autotronic CVT autobox in an A or B Class received. Car was a B200CDI SE auto, purchased 14-7-2006, mileage 43,000. Quoted £5,355 AFTER a 25% contribution from Mercedes. (Possibly same ZF CF23 CVT at the Forc C-Max and Focus 1.6TDCI auto?)


Diesel engines used for repeated short runs from cold are prone to problems with the glowplugs that corrode into the cylinder head due to condensation.

Driveshaft problems emerging at around 5 years old.

Autotronic CVT valve bodies are starting to fail after 6 years and around 70k miles. Cost £1,250 to replace.

A/c condensers vulnerable to stone damage.

If bulkhead vent wells get blocked on a 2005-2012 B-Class, then the battery compartment also floods and, of course, the pollen filter will become sodden. These are £27 from a parts factor.

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