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I have a Merc 1994 E220 and I think the fuel pump has "died"

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I have a Merc 1994 E220 and I think the fuel pump has "died" as there is no sound of the pump working when the ignition is on. I have checked the fuel pump relay the 30A fuse is intact and the kick-down relay seems fine. Also the factory installed alarm seems to be working OK. I last used the car 10-14 days ago all OK then, but during that time the battery went completly flat recharged it engine turns over all lights on display fine. The only thing left is the fuel pump. PS Where on the car is it?

the pump is under the car close to the fuel tank

it look like a cylinder slightly longer than a coke can and you're right its should 'buzz' briefly when you 1st turn on the ignition

you can double check the pump by running a fresh wire directly from the battery to the pump

if the pump springs to life then you know its a relay / wiring issue
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