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MB Paul
MB Paul, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  Mercedes Benz Qualified Diagnostic Technician
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we are thinking of buying a 2006 B class 150 automatic in reasonable looking shape with one lady owner. should we be concerned about gear-box malfunction, rusty rear brakes or any other potentially expensive issues? thanks (120,000 kilometers)




I would always recommend a full inspection prior to purchace by a garage that is either a dealer or a Mercedes specialist for peace of mind.

The B Class is a good model with little inherent problems in my opinion.

The items you mentioned can cause problems - the brakes are prone to pitting/corrosion especially on vehicles that are used infrequently - Mercedes brake discs are quite soft & does not take long for vehicles not used often or with very gentle braking contantly to cause this problem. Having said that it is not too expensive to put right & could be a problem on many models.

The gearbox issue is usually a problem with the sensors on the valve body - not a cheap repair & is advisable to have the car checked on Mercedes STAR diagnostic tool to see if any fault codes are stored relating to the speed sensors in the gearbox ECU. The gearbox getting stuck in gear (limp mode) is an indication there is a fault when you drive. It is not too common of a problem but happens enough to be worth checking out. If clear from codes then I would not be concerned but this is something that can happen at any time without warning.

Other than these issues I would only be concerned about suspension issues - have the car thoroughly checked for any wear in joints, bushes, leaks from shock absorbers or broken road springs.

As said a full inspection is still a good idea prior to purchase!

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we are in Dublin - can you recommend an expert to check over the car and also is this STAR check expensive and where do we get it done? You have been a great help so far, Paul so thanks. Philip

Hi Philip,

Im in SE England so cannot recommend anyone specifically but would advise to look for a local dealer or specialist in your area.

For a full vehicle inspection & STAR test of the systems on the car I would expect to pay around an hours labour for a check & report.

Best regards, Paul
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