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MB Paul
MB Paul, Mercedes Technician
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Experience:  Mercedes Benz Qualified Diagnostic Technician
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Hi i have an S320 year 2000 87,000 miles was running perfect

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Hi i have an S320 year 2000 87,000 miles was running perfect up to yesterday it just cut out for no apparent reason after about 30 minutes it started and seemed perfect but cut out again after about 6 miles this happened on two more occasions each time i waited for 30 minutes and it started again it was like as if it got to a certain temperature and then cut out i was wandering is there a temperature sensor that might have became faulty and needs replacing can anyone help thanks

There are of course many possibilities & I would always recommend a check on a diagnostic tool to see if any fault codes have been stored as the first step.

However the most common problem by far that we see for this problem on this engine is a failing crankshaft position sensor. When they start to fail it is usually intermittent and when the engine gets hot. The sensor stops sending a signal & the engine will cut out and/or not start until left for a short while to cool down. Eventually it may fail completely.

They also often fail without storing any fault codes so if after a check on a diagnostic tool there are no fault codes stored (or there are codes stored with the crank sensor) then I would have this replaced as the next step.

They are relatively cheap & easy to replace located at the left rear of the engine (see the photo below - different model but same engine & location)


Best regards, Paul

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