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MB Paul
MB Paul, Mercedes Technician
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Experience:  Mercedes Benz Qualified Diagnostic Technician
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I need a spare 3 button Mercedes C class (2006) key fob for

Customer Question

I need a spare 3 button Mercedes C class (2006) key fob for my present vehicle with a spare cut key blade.
I have seen them advertised on ebay as reprogrammable for £30-50 but don't know whether this will do.
I have the key number on my original 437 XXXX and I live in Glasgow G51 4TF area. Should I order through a local or national Merc dealer?

Also the dealer lost my wheel nuts lock for the same car and need to replace so I can change a flat.
Have been advised just to drill them out but seems a shame. Any thought on how to get the correct wheel nut lock for this key number, many thanks. Matt
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  MB Paul replied 3 years ago.
Hi Matt,

Im afraid that claims that Mercedes keys can be recoded to other vehicles are not true - please read this warning on ebay:

Ebay warning on Mercedes keys

We often get customers that have bought keys of ebay coming into our dealership & have to tell them they have wasted their money. For security reasons a key has to be ordered through Mercedes. MBUK code the vehicle specifically to your VIN number. If they could be recoded then stealing any Mercedes would be far too easy!

As for the locking wheel nut key - any dealer should have a master set to quickly identify the key number you need to get you a replacement.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Where are the locking wheel nuts usually kept in the C Classic ? Thanks.

Expert:  MB Paul replied 3 years ago.

they are usually in the tool kit area in the spare wheel but have known customers to store them inside the car in the glovebox or other storage compartments.

Regards, Paul