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Peterkmiles, UK Car Mechanic
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sl500 2004 keyless go and central locking not being recognised

Customer Question

sl500 2004
keyless go and central locking not being recognised on the door handle with the key……..
has been giving problems here and there over the last few months.
have put new batteries in both keys….( one is a near new spare )
its not the unit in the boot which sometimes gets wet and stops…..., as the central locking is working manually from within the car, the roof is working and the boot lid pulls down tight.
if one pushes the key many many times… sometimes locks…………..
so it must be a key signal receiving problem…………
the car starts ok with the key in the ignition , and car opens with the silver part of the key manually.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Peterkmiles replied 3 years ago.
The Mercedes Benz keyless to can sometimes be problematic, my first point of call would be to remove the keyless go button from the ignition switch, this simply pops out. Put the key in the ignition and start like a normal car. Leave it to run for a few minutes for the key codes and car to align themselves. After this switch off and refit the keyless go button. Now cycle the central locking using the remote buttons on the key and then try the kettles locking and start again.
Let me know how you get along.
Best regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we have now narrowed it down.

with the key put close to the handle it unlocks and locks…… with the infra red not having to go into ariel waves as the two infrared items are close to each other.

i have heard that the ariel wave unit is possibly the problem……..

so that is why the its not working from a distance…….

this is a unit that is behind the dash and is not receiving the air wave from the key and which is sending air waves to switch the lights on when the car locks and unlocks….and the keyless go?????????