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My merc c180 compressor front sensors keeps beeping as I am

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My merc c180 compressor front sensors keeps beeping as I am driving when no cars are ahead of me.

This is usually due to one or more of the sensors being faulty & have either failed completely or is sending incorrect signals.

In the first instance make sure all of the parking sensors are clean & have no visible signs of damage & that the front number plate & plinth is secure & has not come partially detached as this can trigger the inner sensors.

If all looks visually ok then the car will need checking on a diagnostic tool such as Mercedes STAR to see if any fault codes are stored in the parktronic system and also to check the readings of the sensors to see if any are sending signals without any obsticles in the way.

Sometimes we see bad displays & control units also but in the vast majority of cases it is down to a bad sensor.

Best regards, Paul
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks but I have now got S R S coming up on the dash, it says to book it into the workshop how expensive is that going to be.?

the SRS faults could be read out at the same time as checking the parking sensors - Mercedes STAR diagnostic tool does a check called a short test which reads all codes from all control units on the vehicle & generates a printed result.

Depending on the results further investigation may be required but often a specific code indicating where the fault lays should show on this test.

I would say initially an hours labour cost would cover initial diagnosis into these faults but if further investigation is required then this may increase.

Best regards, Paul