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MB Paul
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I have found a CL500 2003 Mercedes with FMSH, really good example

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I have found a CL500 2003 Mercedes with FMSH, really good example that I want to buy.
There is only one thing I can find slightly wrong with this car, when raising the suspension it raises evenly, but when I press the button to drop the suspension on the rear left wheel drops slightly before the rest but once dropped the car is even. In the receipts there was some work dont at an indie garage, apparantly a warning light on the car came on saying that the car was too low. They ran some tests and replaced the N/S/R sensors (total bill with tests was around 180).
The only other things are, this is the CL500 2003 but doesnt have keyless entry and a back pop up blind Im not too bothered about these extra's but I just thought these things came as standard? also there is no engine start button on the gear knob is that normal?.

When raising or lowering it is not unusual for each corner to raise unevenly - as long as the vehicle settles to the correct level all round then I would not be too concerned in all honesty.

The ABC system is quite expensive when it does go wrong so I would recommend an insepection prior to purchase just in case there are any issues - check on Mercedes STAR for any codes & check the complete system for any leaks - each strut is around £1000 just for the part plus fitting - the valve blocks & pump are also similar prices!

The start button only comes on vehicles with the keyless go system which is a factory option as is the rear blind.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

do you know of any warranty companies that will cover the ABC?


Working for Mercedes we just really deal with Mercedes own warranties but I know AA & RAC top level warranties are usually very good. Autoprotect are another good company but you would have to check the policy details to confirm with them exactly what they do & dont cover.

Best regards, Paul
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