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mercedes 320cls cdi Slight drift to left. Tracking spot on.Front

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mercedes 320cls cdi
Slight drift to left. Tracking spot on.Front camber settings are n/s -1-48` o/s - 1-52`. These readings are just outside the `green` zone. I can`t believe this would be the reason.Any ideas please ?

To be honest most cars will have a slight drift to the left due to the natural camber of the road sloping to the left for water drainage. We have more complaints about this than anything else. Mercedes have even released a technical document stating that this is a reason for drifting & not to carry out repairs if this is the case.

I would recommend a technician from a Mercedes dealer to test the car to see if in their opinion this is a normal characteristic before you spend any more money.

Having said that you can counter this drift somewhat by changing the camber settings - an ideal setup is to have a greater negative camber on the left front than on the right front - this has the effect of pushing the front of the car slightly to the centre of the road. There is only so much adjustment you can get on the camber - they are adjusted by bolts that have a central position and about 30' either way by means of an adjuster bolt. It is very difficult to say what is possible on your car without setting the car up on a wheel alignment machine & seeing the position of the bolts in the lower arms.

Also rear tracking will cause drift so ensure that this is set correctly.

There are other possibilities - wear in suspension/steering joints & bushes & uneven tyre wear.

You have mentioned that you swapped the tyres front to rear - be aware that the rims on a CLS are often different offsets (although physically the same width) & may be marked on the inside rim REAR ONLY.

Also ensure that whoever is doing the wheel alignment has the correct equipment - Mercedes models need the right height measuring with a digital inclimometer- the measurements from this are entered into the wheel alignment machine to give the correct camber/caster readings that the car should be set to.

Best regards, Paul
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