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SLK Torque converter. 1) does it have a drain plug on 2001/2002

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SLK Torque converter.
1) does it have a drain plug on 2001/2002 model?
2) are the TC's prone to hairline cracks?
if so is it dangerous to run the car with only an occasional drop of oil leaking

Mercedes has changed over the years with some TC's having drain plugs & some not. On your model year I would say it is unlikely that a drain plug is fitted but the only way to be sure is to rotate the TC to visually inspect.

It would be very unusual for one to crack - if transmission fluid is leaking in this area then it is almost certainly coming from the front seal in the transmission which would need the transmission removing to replace.

A very slight leak would not cause any real problems in the short term but would recommend having it repaired before it gets any worse.

Best regards, Paul
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks for the info. well received.

other points I forgot to ask.

as long as there is no further charge!!??

1) is there a dipstick on the TC, and

2) is the TC oil and the GBox oil the same?

3)is it easy to top it up?


John Orrell

Hi John,

The oil level for the gearbox & TC is checked as one - there is a dipstick tube with a blanking cap for the transmission however you do need a workshop dipstick as there is no dipstick installed in the car.

You can get these from ebay: Dipstick on ebay

The oil is topped up through this dipstick tube.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Paul

Thanks again.


Hi John,

No problem at all.

Let me know if you ever need anything else.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Paul,


I'm sorry. I must have pressed the wrong button.

i am satisfied with the answers you gave.

hope this corrects the situation



john OrrellOrrell