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ML320 Aug '02 (petrol, auto): I left it idling a few days

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ML320 Aug '02 (petrol, auto): I left it idling a few days ago and when I came back the whole instrument cluster had gone dead; not indicator lights, no rev counter, no speedo or other needle movement, nothing. Like it the ignition was switched off. But the car continues to run and drive as normal with rest of electrics apparently working?
Is there a fuse/regulator/relay I should be checking?

Complete instrument cluster failures are usually an internal fault in the cluster - however first of all check fuses 10, 13 & 22 in the main fusebox in the engine bay. These are the fused feeds into the cluster.

If these are ok then the feeds should be checked directly at the rear of the cluster.

If the feeds & earth are good here then the cluster will need to be replaced.

Let me know how you get on & if you need anything else.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That's good; can you advise if/how the instrument cluster can be pulled forward (to get access to the connectors etc. SA


Its a little fiddly to get the cluster out but not too bad of a job.

First remove the steering column trims behind the steering wheel - from memory there are a couple of screws on the underside & the upper & lower parts unclip & can be removed.

Next put the steering column adjustment in the lowest position to gain as much room as possible (you can remove the steering wheel to give you more room to work but it does all just about come out with it in place)

unclip the 2 small covers in the dash either side of the steering column just below the cluster. Use a plastic trim tool where possible to avoid damage.

Next remove the plastic trim around the cluster - there are some plastic screw rivet clips holding the upper part in place & the lower section has a couple of tags to release & the surround can be removed - careful with this asit is quite flimsy & gets brittle with age!

you will then see the screws holding the cluster into the dash - unscrew & remove the cluster.

For testing the cluster check across pin 3 (earth to the cluster) and the following:

pin 11 is a permenant feed from fuse 13
pin 9 is an ignition feed from fuse 22
pin 7 is an ignition feed from fuse 10

Best regards, Paul
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ta for that, heading out now with a meter and a posidrive. SA

No problem at all

Best regards, Paul