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can I run a MERCEDES-BENZ TRAVELINER V113 2.1 CDI, 2012 on

Customer Question

can I run a MERCEDES-BENZ TRAVELINER V113 2.1 CDI, 2012 on biodiesel?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Matt replied 3 years ago.

The official manufacturers line will be that; no its not possible, however its not as straightforward as that.
In a modern diesel engine, fuel can be exposed to higher temperatures and more recirculation than otherwise. The fuel that is in the rail gets up to 100°C and most of this does not get injected, but recirculated back to the tank, where it has the chance to be exposed to air again.
This increases the chance that it might oxidise.
Now, bio diesel that meets spec will have a very high oxidation stability, meaning that it takes a long time before it can go bad.
In a common rail / high-pressure system ( such as used with your engine), the speed that oxidation can happen is increased, or the time at which it can resist is decreased. This is not a concern if your bio diesel meets spec, but if not, then it could be an issue.
This does not seem to prevent manufacturers telling you that bio diesel is not suitable because of common rail pressures or injectors etc.

Providing you use a reasonable level of fuel and it doesn't sit in the tank for weeks on end you'll be OK.

I'd start by locating a reputable supplier who can show your filtration reports and evidence its made to specification and they try a 25% mix with regular diesel and see how you get on.