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mike_a_mechanic, Mercedes Mechanic
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  17 years experience as a auto mechanic, foreign and domestic.5 years running my own repair business.
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Hi, I have a 1996 Mercedes E200 petrol saloon, covered only

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Hi, I have a 1996 Mercedes E200 petrol saloon, covered only 16,000 miles and fitted with a headache of an immobiliser. I ran the car today for approx. 50 miles returned home, parked the car removed the key but did not lock the car. I went out 30 mins later, went into the car inserted the key and it would not start. I got out the car and remotely locked the car, waited a few minutes and remotely unlocked. The car still failed to fire. I locked the car again and noted the red light in the handle does not flash. The green light flashes when unlocked. I have tried the car several times and there just is no sign of life. The immobiliser must still be operative despite the vehicle being locked and unlocked. I have tried the reserve infra red and emergency key all without success. Is there a simple answer?
Hello, welcome. My name is***** will do my very best to assist you with your question. I apologize if you have been waiting long for a response.
Try these steps:
Disconnect the negative battery cable end and then the positive and leave disconnected for 20 minutes.
Then reconnect the positive and then the negative ends.
Insert the key in the ignition and turn to on but do not start, leave this way for 5 minutes and then try to start.
if this does not work the system will need to be reset using a dealer diagnostic tool.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, ,Carried out your instructions, but still no joy. The immobiliser is still in place. The car doors lock perfectly but the red flashing light does not come on. On unlocking, the green light comes on, the doors unlock, but the engine still does not fire. There is no problem with the battery, the engine cranks but the immobiliser prohibits ignition. Is there a way of disconnecting the immobiliser so the engine can be started to drive it to a Mercedes garage?

The immobilizer is integrated with the ecu and can not be disconnected. The system will need to be scanned and reset using a diagnostic tool.
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