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Stan, Mercedes Technician
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I have just purchased a 2013 merc SL63AMG which I will drive

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I have just purchased a 2013 merc SL63AMG which I will drive fairly infrequently. It is parked on the road so I can't easily use a trickle charger and I would like to use a solar charger which I used successfully on my last car. I can't find a battery under the bonnet! And haven't looked in the boot yet. Reading the forums there seem to be two batteries on the car. Where are they and which one should I charge.? If I have to buy a trickle charger which is best?
Many thanks
Mike Goodman
Stan :


Stan :

The main battery is in the boot

Stan :

but you can charge the battery under the bonnet

Stan :

you can use these connections to connect your charger.

Stan :

best regards,

Customer: Many thanks. I will check that out.
Customer: can you let me have a link to a suitable charger?
Stan :

I thought you wanted to use a solar charger. I would recomend up to100Ah CTEC battery trckle charger, which you can get at any parts store.

Customer: Yes I will hook up a solar charger, but just wondered which mains one to buy in case I can get near a mains socket from time to time.
Customer: many thanks for your help
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