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VITO 108cdi 2000 model - starter doesn't kick in when starter

Customer Question

VITO 108cdi 2000 model - starter doesn't kick in when starter key turned. Fine on Friday - no good Monday!
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 3 years ago.
Stan :

10 volts is definitely too low, the battery needs to be charged first of all. If the starter will work after charging current draw must be checked- possibly some lights inside stayed on or there is a faulty electronic component or rubbed through wires.
If there is no Start-error message in instrument cluster and battery is fully charged- most likely the starter itself has failed.

Stan :

best regards,

JACUSTOMER-a6pl7jdu- :

Hello Stan,The battery was fine when the problem occurred. It had dropped to 10v after a lot of time with the ignition on. No message at all on instrument cluster except all ingnition & warning lights come on as normal when key is first position. Starter & solenoid bench tests fine. No click from solenoid when on vehicle. Need to check if immobiliser is the problem. How do I do this?

Stan :

If the immobilizer is active, usually there is a start error message in LCD display

Stan :

Immobilizer can be properly checked with Star Diagnosis computer, as it is a communication between the 2 control units.

Stan :

Using this diagram, you can check the starter actuation circuit from ignition switch to starter 50th terminal.