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I have a slk 230 compressor, March 2000. whilst driving a long

Customer Question

I have a slk 230 compressor, March 2000. whilst driving a long journey I stopped to ask directions and the car would not engage in drive. The engine raced but would not go into drive. I waited a while and then tried again. It drove off but a short while later it went again. I parked the car and asked a friend to have a look. He got in and drove it up the road at speed perfectly ok it also went into reverse. Later that evening after just a short drive back it died again, we waited and it started off again. We drove slowly but it died again. I called the AA who took it to a garage. The garage says I need a new gear box £££££££ but could it be an electrical problem? last year something similar happened and the mechanic said it was the wheel sensor?Which he replaced. My local mechanic says to drop the sump and check the filter and the trans/ oil ?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 3 years ago.
Stan :

Checking the fluid level and condition is definitely required before disassembling the gearbox. Reading out the fault codes from transmission is also necessary Although, electronic faults will cause only limited and rough gear engagement. The total loss of frictional connection can be caused by excessive play in the output shaft.

Stan :

It can be adjusted by removing the propshaft connections and installing additional shims. I have seen such adjustment solve the symptoms you have described.

Stan :

best regards,