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Stan, Mercedes Technician
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Hi, I have a problem with my C240 petrol Auto. It started

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Hi, I have a problem with my C240 petrol Auto. It started that sometimes after driving the car, parking & returning to the car it would not start. All else worked , radio windows etc. leaving the car for about 20 to walk to garage we returned and it started. ( red Faced me) Garage thought key battery may be the cause and changed it anyway. A few days of useing the car the same thing happend again. repeated the same jpurney to garage and you've guest it, started straight away on return. It was due for a 2nd service so I told the Ford garage to go ahead with the service. car returned to me. 4 hours later jumped in cat to go home would not start. and could not move shift stick out of park. eventually it started, Next morning car started but would not change up the box. Changed brake light switch ( someone advised that they had a simular problem) that seemed to worked for 3 days now back to square one. Only now the car will not start at all. By that everything electrical is ok battery is ok. When turning key engine does not turn over. no fault on display.

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Stan :

Please make sure that you can always get the selector lever out of Park into Neutral position. If it is not possible, gear selector lever module can be causing this. If electronics do not recognize that transmission is in P or N- starter will be blocked.
If the starter does not crank the engine sometimes, and the selector lever position is correctly indicated, then the starter itself must be checked.
Let me know if i can help with any further clarifications.

Stan :

best regards,


Hi Stan,


thanks for the reply, sorry I have been away so have not been able to reply, i check it out and advise


Best regards & Thanks