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Model CLK 2.2CDI,Year2007.What should water temp gauge read?

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Model CLK 2.2CDI,Year2007.What should water temp gauge read? Mine reads 83C on a hot day,say 30C;and 70C with a outside temperature of -5C. Surely the water temperature should be held somewhere near 100c for best efficiency?
Thanks in anticipation,
Hello Ken,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, Shantal,

I'm not sure what further information you require to answer my question,but to put it another way,shouldn't the temperature gauge in my instrument panel be reading around 100C during normal operation.



Hello Ken,
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Hello Ken,

Normal water temperature on the gauge should be 80-85C degrees.
Of course it takes longer to acheive this in colder weather. But 30 minutes on motorway is enough to reach 80 degrees at -5.
If temperature does not rise, there is a malfunction. First thing to check are the thermostat and the heater booster (if installed). If the radiator starts to warm up when engine temperature is 30C, it indicates faulty thermostat.
Heater booster has to be checked with Star Diagnosis computer- some independent MB shops have this tool besides the dealers.

Best Regards,
Stan, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
Satisfied Customers: 3526
Experience: Technical support engineer
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