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Stan, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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HI My 2001 s 320 has stopped working on all the buttons

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My 2001 s 320 has stopped working on all the buttons on the steering wheel, is it a big problem, or is it simply a fuse that has blown?
Thanks dave
ps it was ok a week ago, it has done 250000 miles.
Stan :

This problem usually requires replacement of the switches. They send electronic signals to the steering column module. So if the control lever is working fine, all fuses are in order.
Best regards,


Hi Stan,


What are the switches you mention ,and what control lever do you mean?


Thanks dave


ps they all stopped working at the same time, and also the horn has now stopped working

Stan :

By the control lever i mean the wiper/headlight blinker lever.
If also the horn failed, steering column control module can be faulty. In this case steering column module has to be checked with Star Diagnosis computer. Some independent MB shops have this tool besides the dealers.


Hi Stan, thanks for the information. I will check that out this week. Good luck and thanks again, dave

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