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how would it happen that one bolt on the sterring column of

Customer Question

how would it happen that one bolt on the sterring column of my 4-year-old E200 CDI could have fallen off and and the other had become loose? This discovered during a recent routine A3 service? regards ***** ***** London

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  enesd replied 3 years ago.
I had few Mercedes cars with loose bolts on steering colum. And steering wheel 2011-2013 but on those I found out at factory build they told me engineers that they did not use thread lock chemical on bolt assembly correct action is replace all new boots and install thread lock on them . But also your car is 2010 it can have something not tight from repairs before if done work was done I dide some time ago. And again thread lock must be used when you tighten steering colum or steering wheel
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for your interesting answer. You tell me that Mercedes became aware in 2011 that bolts could come loose and as a precaution now routinely fit each bolt with chemical thread lock. So the fault in my car build 2010 could be due to the absence of thread lock. But you say, it could also be as a result of careless maintenance. However my additional question is: why would a mechanic tamper with the steering column bolts? Why should they need to touch the steering column at all even in the course of a major service? I 'm intrigued to hear your answer!


Piers Croke

Expert:  enesd replied 3 years ago.
Well both problems do happen like I said above bolts getting loose or they where not tighten . When your car is repair before that maybe at some point they worked under dash to get mores access you can move steering colum away to get better access so I don't know full car history what repaired in past . But bolts did get loose also I had few cars feel free to follow up