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Stan, Mercedes Technician
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My c220cdi the windscreen wipers have suddenly stopped working.

Customer Question

My c220cdi the windscreen wipers have suddenly stopped working. The washer pump also. Have checked the 40A fuse it's ok. Any ideas.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 3 years ago.
Stan :

If both wiper and washer have stopped working, possibly the combination switch itself has failed. Check if other functions are working when switch is used.

Stan :

The switch sends the control signals to front SAM module, which then actuates the pump and motor. It is possible to check what this module sees and actuates on the wipe/wash system with Star Diagnosis computer to pinpoint the cause. Some independent MB workshops have it besides authorized dealers.

Stan :

Best Regards,

JACUSTOMER-1rjmpomy- : That doesn't answer my question. The other functions work. The bonnet release light comes on saying bonnet open when it's not. Is the bonnet sensor stopping the wipers working. Ie when bonnet open the wipers don't work as a factory setting.
JACUSTOMER-1rjmpomy- : can I disable the bonnet sensor.
JACUSTOMER-1rjmpomy- : Sorry but your answer didn't help me. It was the bonnet sensor disabling the wipers. I cleaned the sensor and the wipers now work.
JACUSTOMER-1rjmpomy- : ill get a refund from just answer I presun
JACUSTOMER-1rjmpomy- : me.