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Customer Question

RED WARNING LIGHTS ON DIALS SAYING BRAKE FLUID IS BELOW MINIMUM LEVEL. CHECKED RESOVOIR AND TOPPED UP RESULTING IN WARNING LIGHTS GOING OUT. WARNING LIGHTS ON AGAIN ONE DAY LATER BUT RESOVOIR LEVEL FOUND TO BE STILL JUST UNDER MAX. There does not appear to be any leaks and the fluid level seems to remain constant. Could the problem be a sensor (if so where do I look). If not a sensor then can you suggest other areas to be investigated. I have owned the car (SL 350) years and it has only done 35000miles.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

The level sensor itself is on the reservior container that fluid is in..check around the base you'll will or should note a small connector to it..normally id say this would be down to the level sensor itself by the sounds of it..but you should never top up the fluid as it is now..cause what will happen is that the breaks pads however worn they are means the caliper pistons have to travel further to grab the pads to stop the car..this in turn means the level in the reservior will drop slightly..which is totally normal..but when it comes to fitting new pads these pistons need to be retracted back hence the fluid in the reservior will rise and have too much fluid and will need to be syphoned out when it comes to replacing them..just to bear that in mind..but might be worth checking the pads all the same..but as above it sounding pretty much like a faulty level sensor on that reservior..I do hope this helps