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Stan, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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my 2003 a class mercedes has a serious indicator problem in

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my 2003 a class mercedes has a serious indicator problem in that occasionally when I indicate left the right indicator comes on. how do I repair this?
Stan :

to show to your electrician.

Stan :

Either the instrument cluster or combination switch is faulty.

Stan :

Most likely it is the combinations stalk/switch on the steering column, which gives incorrect resistance to the instrument cluster. It makes sense to replace the switch before deeming the cluster to be faulty. A used one can be installed.
Only new cluster can be installed, which will also require the coding with Star Diagnosis computer at the dealer or independent MB shop.

Stan :

If replacing the switch will not help, it is worth to consult with this company about repairing of your cluster:

Stan :

Best Regards,

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help Stan.

The combination stalk switch has been replaced but the indicator problem remains so it looks like I have no option but to have my instrument cluster replaced.

There is no other possible cause is there?

Thanks again for your help Stan

On this model, the cluster controls the indicators, so it is a logical conclusion that the cluster is the next step. So i recommend to check if the cluster can be rebuilt by the company i suggested earlier.

My pleasure to assist you and thanks for the good rating.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Stan,

after more than 3 weeks and having replaced the indicator stalk and having my cluster rebuilt the problem persists.

I did not even get onto the road from the garage yard because I had to indicate left to turn onto the road and the right indicator came on. I parked up again,left the engine running and the indicator switched on and went to tell the garage mechanic who was on the phone.

I stood watching the right indicator 'winking' but suddenly the left indicator engaged followed after a short time by the right again.

I am at my wits end and in despair, I have spent in excess of £250 not including labour cost for replacing the cluster which I still have to pay.

Is there anything else which could cause this problem?



Hello Neil,
sorry to hear the bad news.
I understand that after replacement of the cluster, it was working properly for a short while. In this case the cluster was not properly repaired, and failed again shortly. Cluster repairer shoul take care of it under their warranty.
regards Stan