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Mercedes A200 + AMG package (from factory in March 2015,

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Mercedes A200 + AMG package (from factory in March 2015, Germany) Will receive the car with 18" AMG wheels (7.5J & ET52) with winter tyres (225/40R18) I want to buy a new set of 18" wheels to put the winter tyres on and keep them separate and will put new summer tyres on the 18" AMG wheels that will come with the car. All wheels in the market are ET45 or ET40, will ET45 wheels fit the car? And 7.5J or 8J? Many thanks in advance

Stan :

ET45 will fit. Rims will 3mm more to the outside, than factory optional 18x8J ET48 rims. It is better to use more narrow wheels in the winter, so 7,5J is better.
Best regards,




I think there is a mis-understanding with your response.


I will receive the new car with 18x7.5J-ET52 AMG wheels with winter tyres. So i need to know if 18x7.5J-ET45 or 18x 8J-ET45 wheels will fit on the car. ET48 wheels are not available in the market so my question is specifically about ET45 wheels being acceptable with 225/40R18 tyres fitting the car. Sorry if there was confusion from my side.

Stan :

18x7.5J-ET45 or 18x 8J-ET45 will fit. Since you plan to use these rims in the winter 7.5 width is recommendable. There is a possibility to order the original 18x8J ET48 rims from MB A-class.

Customer: Stan, thanks. To close this point I mentioned at the start that it has the AMG package, this means the sport suspension and lowered. With the tyres I mentioned, the two wheel sizes mentioned will not touch the inside body irk or wheel arch? Need to be very sure before splashing out a lot of extra money. If you could confirm please then I can close this finally. Your answer is appreciated. George
Stan :

18x7.5J-ET45 is absolutely safe choice.

Customer: Thanks Stan help.
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