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Have a 2002 Mercedes 220 diesel estate. Put car into the garage

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Have a 2002 Mercedes 220 diesel estate. Put car into the garage because it wasn't always starting first time and I have been told that two of the glow plugs are broken. I was then told that it was impossible to remove them without removing the cylinder head. This involves 13 or more hours of labour . A friend told me that the garage is ripping me off because the plugs were almost certainly broken by the garage and you should be able to get thm out without removing the cylinder head . I'm not sure who to believe

The glow plugs are prone to seizing in the cylinder head & can break when trying to remove. To prevent breakage the engine should always be at operating temperature before trying to remove them. Even so in some cases the plugs will be that seized that the head can break when trying to remove them. If the engine is at operating temperature then there is not too much that can be done to prevent this (although many mechanics may just try to remove when cold which greatly increases the chance of them breaking if seized).

However if they are seized then Mercedes have a special tool kit out & removing the glow plugs without the need to remove the cylinder head - a non mercedes dealer is unlikely to have access to such tools so would probably be unaware of this and traditionally the cylinder head would indeed need to be removed.

I would seek out advice from a local dealer (or possibly a Mercedes specialist if they have access to such a tool) and ask ifthey can do this - you are probably looking at around 1-2 hours basic glow plug removal plus around an hour or so per broken glow plug to do the job - still much cheaper than removing the head!

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The garage is a Mercedes specialist and they told me they had a technical expert look at it who informed them that the head would need to be removed
I would ask them if they are aware of the kit to drill them out in place - the kit is very expensive and they may not really want to invest this amount of money or even be aware of it.

If they are not aware that Mercedes have a special tool kit to remove broken glow plugs then it is understandable that they are sayin the head would need to be removed.

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
would it be better to try another garage. Can I still drive the car as I live in Edinburgh and I work 100 miles away
I would certainly suggest speaking to another garage that can handle the job with the correct tools.

If the head of the glow plug has just sheared then usually the main body will still be held in place & the car would usually be drivable in this condition.

We have carried out many in-situ glow plug repairs using the correct equipment so unless there is a very good reason to remove the head I would be seeking out a repair elsewhere!

Best regards, Paul
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