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MB Paul
MB Paul, Mercedes Technician
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Experience:  Mercedes Benz Qualified Diagnostic Technician
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I have a mercedes clk 270 Cdi 2003 type 209.316.I keep having

Customer Question

I have a mercedes clk 270 Cdi 2003 type 209.316.
I keep having the dash warning words 'coolant visit workshop', come up, but coolant level ok, but the engine temperature gets a lot hotter in slow moving or stationary traffic. I can't say I could hear the fan coming on at all. There are no other warning lights coming on.
Could this problem be related to the dash warning words.
Any suggestions to remedy this fault?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  MB Paul replied 3 years ago.

The coolant warning also comes on when the engine ECU detects a fault with the cooling fan so the fact that you cannot hear the fan running & the engine starts to get hot on the gauge all points to the cooling fan having a fault.

I would recommend a check on a diagnostic tool to see if any faults are stored to confirm this.

The wiring should be checked to the fan to ensure this is in good order - check behind the left front wheel arch liner, there is a wiring loom that runs here down the side of the washer bottle which is quite prone to damage which runs to the cooling fan - pull back all of the insulation tape to check in this area & if damaged then repair any wiring here.

Further voltage checks should be carried out to the fan & really tests using a diagnostic tool should be carried out before replacing the fan. I would really recommend a dealer or Mercedes specialist carries out further diagnosis before replacing any parts in the wiring is in good order!

Best regards, Paul