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I have a 2004 Mercedes E class with a factory unit to accept

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I have a 2004 Mercedes E class with a factory unit to accept a Nokia 6210 phone. Can I replace the cradle with something so that I can use my I phone 5 in the same way in the car?

There are 2 different phone systems that were installed in your model - the first is the early system that has a fixed cradle in the armrest that is only designed to work with the phone it was designed for - this cradle will have a thick curly wire coming off of it in the armrest.

The other type is the later system that can accept a variety of cradles - it has no wire and will have a small release button near the top of the cradle - press this in and slide the cradle towards the rear of the car and you will see an interface like this:


this system will take a variety of cradles including iphone cradles and also a bluetooth module that will work with most modern phones.

However if you do have the early system then all is not lost - there is an aftermarket company that make a bluetooth module that basically emulates the old 6210 phone that you then pair your phone too - see here for details:


Please ensure compatibility with Viseeo before purchase as this is not a Mercedes product so I do not have any specific information on this but have known customers use this with good success.

Best regards, Paul
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That's great thanks very much. The phone system was one of my favourite parts of the car